labs using Xenopus as a model system

2018-07-22 21:54:12

Hollis Cline Lab Neural circuit development and plasticity

Kurt Haas Lab Neural circuit development

Dominique Alfandari ADAM metalloprotease function during embryonic Development. UMASS
Amaya Lab Homepage Research in Molecular Embryology 
British Xenopus Group
Leon Browder Post-transcriptional regulation, gene traps 
Elena  Casey Developmental Neurobiology. Georgetown University
Jamie Davies The kidney development database
Doug DeSimone Cell adhesion, UVA
Finkielstein Lab Cell cycle regulation and death processes at Virginia Tech
Philippe Fort Rho signaling in the neural crest during Xenopus embryo development, CNRS
Dave Gard Cytoskeletal Organization During Oogenesis & Early Development in Xenopus laevis 
Earl W. Godfrey, Ph.D. Molecular basis of neuromuscular synapse formation in Xenopus embryos, EVMS
Tim Gomez Dynamic nerve growth imaging, UW
Horst Grunz Formation of the body plan during early embryonic development
Robert Grainger Genetics of X. tropicalis at the University of Virginia 
Sherril Green Xenopus laevis husbandry, biology, infectious and parasitic diseases of laboratory Xenopus laevis. Stanford U.
Richard Harland Axis formation and neural induction, University of California, Berkeley
Janet Heasman Cell adhesion, cell signalling, and cell motility. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
David Heathcote  Developmental Neurobiology  
Ali Hemmati-Brivanlou  Rockefeller University  
Michael Kavanaugh UMT, Neurotransmitter transporters, membrane proteins involved in reuptake & signaling in neurons.
Darcy B. Kelley  Vocal behaviors of the South African clawed frog.  
Kelley Lab Field Studies in Gabon (Xenopus) 
Michael W. King  Gene Function in Early Development and Cancer.  
Chris Kintner Ph.D. Molecular biology of neurogenesis in amphibian embryos. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies  
Mike Klymkowsky Cell Biology & Development at Univ. Colorado, Boulder
Kristen L. Kroll Washington University, St.Louis, Neurogenesis
Barbara Lom Davidson College, Neurogenesis
Kelly McLaughlin Organ development and repair at Tufts University 
Khaled Machaca  Oocyte maturation, Ca2+ signaling.
Pawel Michalak Evolutionary genetics, comparative genomics, hybrid defects, gene expression 
Randall T. Moon Xenopus and Zebra fish Research at University of Washington
Tom Moss L'université Laval, Ribosomal RNA gene expression, intracellular signal transduction
Klaus Richter Neural Development in Xenopus  
Jacques Robert U of Rochester, Evolution of Immune Surveillance, Tumor and Viral Immunity
Alan Roberts University of Bristol, Function of CNS
Ralph Rupp Adolph-Butenandt-Institute
Tom Sargent NIH Xenopus and Zebra fish Interest Group.  
Serrano's Neurolab Neurobiology of Xenopus Auditory & Vestiblar Systems  
Erwin Sigel GABAA Receptor Channels at the University of Bern (Switzerland)  
Donald Slish Xenopus oocyte electrophysiology at Plattsburgh State University
Sive Lab anteroposterior patterning in Xenopus & fish  Danio Rerio
Sergei Sokol Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics  
Nick Spitzer Biology at UCSD  
Tim Stearns Stanford U, Cell polarity / centrosomes
Brad Stith University of Colorado-Denver,  Biology Dept.  
Vance Trudeau  Dept.of Biology, University of Ottawa, Roles of sex steroids and thyroid hormones in sexual development
Max Ulbrich Molecular Imaging group, Freiburg, Germany
Katharine Ullman, Ph.D. University of Utah, Nuclear pore function through-out the cell cycle
Peter Vize Organogenesis of the kidney.  
The Wallingford Lab Molecular and cellular basis of embryonic morphogenesis at UT Austin
Grant Wheeler University of East Anglia, wnt signalling and cell adhesion
Woodland Lab Warwick, UK  
Mike Wormington, Ph.D Developmentally Regulated Translational Masking and Unmasking of Maternal mRNAs UVA.  
Wylie /Heasman Lab Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center